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【Joy Huang】
Phase / Phase 2
Project / Returning
Special Features
Joy Huang Studio Glass is a personal workshop brand started by Joy, when she returned to Taiwan in 2006 after traveling and living in Europe. The workshop consists of Joy and Lillian, whose techniques emphasize the glass material and its interactions with small but pleasant things in life, as well as its combination with other materials. These glass creations are as decorative as they are practical. Both artists believe that if the pieces could speak for themselves, then they can form a mental bond with the viewers to create an “art is life, life is art” environment. The space on the first floor in Pier-2 displays creative home items and decorations with a theme of “simple life”, and hosts DIY classes; the second floor contains larger pieces.
Profile Summary
Artist Joy Huang closed her ceramic studio in 1996, which had been in operation for 7 years back then, and went to Dudley College International Glass Center and Surrey University of Art and Design — Glass in the UK to learn various glass-making techniques and understand the equipment required to run a glass art studio. Years of work and tours to numerous glass art studios in Europe allowed her to experience and acquire knowledge regarding the operation of a studio of the kind. The Pier-2 Art Center was the first spot where she served as an artist-in-residence after returning to Taiwan in 2006.
Huang mainly works as a university lecturer in providing professional courses and glass-related activities for the Glass Museum of Hsinchu City. She is also active in creating new cultural and creative products for the diversity of her glass art studio.
【Yi-Lin Chen】
Phase / Phase 1
Project / OBL in Kaohsiung
Special Features
The OBL (Ou-Bei-Lai in Chinese, meaning wild behavior) initiated the “Taiwan’s Less Trodden Tourist Spots Rejuvenation Project” in 2012. They took in-depth tours or made short stays at various spots across Taiwan with three core ideals: facilitating connections between people, spreading whatever is good and professional growth. The book “Get Wild at Least Once in Your Life: What This Island Has Taught Me” published in 2014 is an achievement of their efforts. The book is also an entry in the Guadalajara International Book Fair, another astounding feat.
Profile Summary
Yi-Lin Chen is the co-founder and design director of OBL. She felt that although she had set foot in every nook and cranny of Taiwan, she knew least about her hometown, Kaohsiung. Therefore, she decided to return to Kaohsiung to establish a closer bond with it, hoping that she could use her expertise in design and her travel experience to serve her hometown in return.
【Jie-Yi Lin】
Phase / Phase 3
Project / Love-Dyed Kaohsiung
Special Features
The color art of natural dyes should be defined and interpreted in other ways than it used to be. TaTi Workshop is dedicated to promoting an eco-friendly craft with natural dyes (plant dyes, indigo dye, etc.) by acquiring colors of yellow, purplish red, blue, brown, gray, and so on, from plants and integrating them with artistic creation. Different parts of a plant, or of different plants, provide dyes of varied colors, allowing textiles dyed therefrom to be used for spatial decoration, to create different atmospheres. The overall display space and the works adhere to the pristine, touching elements as we can find in mother nature. TaTi Workshop dyes the world as beautiful as it can be using pure elements from nature.
Profile Summary
Jie-Yi Lin was born locally, in Kaohsiung. Her relationship with art in high school extended to her university days as her creations, imbued with emotions, turned into designing things for actual uses; this was why she started studying natural dyes. She would like to thank her parents for their support, her aunt and uncle in Hualien (both are art teachers), and her teachers for showing her the way to become an expert in natural dyeing techniques. In 2006, she established TaTi Workshop, to promote healthy and eco-friendly natural dyes through DIY classes in elementary schools, curriculum at other schools, teacher training programs, training programs for the unemployed, and community colleges. The message from TaTi Workshop is that being environmentally friendly can start from the most trivial things and at any moment to help the Earth.
Phase / Phase 5
Project / Haiweng in Wonderland
Special Features
Profile Summary
A-Joe has always loved arts and crafts since his childhood, and has been looking continuously for media whereby he can express himself the best. It’s been 7 years since he started creating with metal wires, and his motivation comes from the desire to consolidate his talents and create something unique.
A-Joe studied architecture in university, and he is very interested in arts and crafts. With a background in architecture and space planning, and many years of practicing and modeling, he is able to bend and connect wires to make 3D images which are then turned into 4D with lighting and shadow. His main inspirations include contrast in sculptures and the beauty of emptiness and ratios.
【Yiwen Hsieh】
Phase / Phase 4
Project / Clothing Origami
Special Features
Through the combination of different types of clothing: theater costume design, fashion design and fiber art, viewers can experience and better understand the versatility of the fashion industry. From the perspective of a clothier, the studio is full of decorations and furniture made from clothing accessories: light fixtures made with hangers, a couch made from discarded clothes, wall decorations made from curve rulers, and so on. These surprising discoveries are as fun as shopping in the store!
Profile Summary
A Kaohsiung local, Yiwen Hsieh is a theater costume designer with her own fashion brand Yiwen. She is a great person, working diligently in Kaohsiung to reinforce her roots.
【Jia-Wei Chiang】
Phase / Phase 3
Project / CAP’S EL
Special Features
This is a space designed all by myself; I understand what a cozy atmosphere should be like. Every work on the wall seems to be talking to you and you can talk with them, too. You may think the boys and the girls are just like your counterparts because I gave them life and affection.
Profile Summary
22 years old and from Taichung, Jia-Wei Jiang received a bachelor’s degree in art from National Kaohsiung Normal University; he is a master’s student in visual design at the University. Goods designed by him are sold in department stores and arts & culture spaces. In the meantime, he’s been creating more art, including paintings, animations and music. He also works as a freelance designer for other brands.
【Heng Lee】
Phase / Phase 4
Project / BORN J studio and Metalwork Education Promotion Project
Special Features
PIN, a word used for naming PIN sstudio, here means a link between people and jewelry, though it also stands for “Personal Identification Number” as the word is commonly understood. PIN sstudio upholds the idea that a unique piece of jewelry can not only tell of the underlying culture and the life of the artist, but also embody the wearer’s taste and aesthetics. PIN sstudio is Kaohsiung’s first selected shop staffed by independent jewelry designers; also, the space combines a jewelry showroom and a metalwork studio for educational purposes. Here, a wide array of jewelry exhibitions and artist workshops are held to exchange some ideas with visitors about our goals and expectations for modern metalwork and jewelry. It is hoped that with this platform to display and sell the jewelry created by Taiwan’s independent and world-renowned artists, visitors can get to appreciate the life and dreams of those talents. PIN sstudio looks forward to creating a resonance in the hearts of its visitors.
Profile Summary
Heng Lee was born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 1985. He received his degree from the Graduate Institute of Applied Arts at Tainan National University of the Arts. In 2012, he founded Heng Lee Jewelry, a modern jewelry brand that has received many international recognitions, such as the V Arte Y Joya International Award (Spain) in 2014, two nominations to New Traditional Jewelry Design Contest (Netherlands) in 2012 and 2014, Young Applied Arts award (Germany) in 2013, and VILNIUS City Award at the International Biennial of Enamel Art (Lithuania) in 2013. His works have been displayed internationally.
Using digital cameras or phone cameras to capture glimpses of nature and life, the images go through a magnified image process to become a mosaic. He crafts amazing jewelries from the images by combining technology and traditional handicraft, to create a vocabulary and style unique to this generation.
【Pei Yuan Lin】
Phase / Phase 5
Project / 
Special Features
Profile Summary
Born in 1992, Kaohsiung Taiwan
Graduated in department of visual art,National Pingtung University
Now study in Master program of visual design, National Kaohsiung Normal University
Established own studio and brand 'hornman', art creation, tattoo design.
mostly painting in black and white or sketch

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